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I can wait till St. juttemus…..but I can also just show what I got this far. Shop is for sure not finished…sorry about that….when you like to buy a painting and it is not in the shop yet, please write me an email for the detailsĀ verfsmily

So..this here is my latest painting. I called it “transmission” but to tell you the truth..I am still doubting, because I might have the name wrong. Transmission..transformation….
The story behind this is the day/time my mother passed away. After she passed I spent some time alone in her house and one night I was in that awake/sleep state and just the images of a white and red creation was in front of me.
Yesterday I felt like starting it the first one. Because what I saw that night was on a very large canvas..and I just do not have that in the house at the moment, ( and maybe I never will) so..this it for now. 50/100 canvas ready to hang.

I love it, very powerful and brite. Just like my mother..especially now her spirit is free to roam around again.


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